Bangladesh was created in ?

(1) 1970
(2) 1972
(3) 1973
(4) 1971

Correct Answer : (4) Bangladesh was created in 1971.

Explanation :

On 26 March 1971, Bangladesh was proclaimed Declaration of Independence from Pakistan by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

It was followed by Bangladesh-India Allied Forces defeating the Pakistan Army, culminating in its surrender and the Liberation of Dhaka on 16 December 1971.

The Bangladesh Liberation War also known as the Bangladesh War of Independence, or simply the Liberation War in Bangladesh, was a revolution and armed conflict sparked by the rise of the Bengali nationalist and self-determination movement in East Pakistan and the 1971 Bangladesh genocide.

On 17 December 1971, the nation of Bangladesh was created finally. Bangladesh celebrates 26th of March as its independence day.

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