Biggest planet of solar system is ?

(1) Earth
(2) Mars
(3) Saturn
(4) Jupiter

Correct Answer : (4) Jupiter is the biggest planet of Solar System.

Explanation :

This planet, the biggest planet of solar system, is the largest in size, mass and volume. Jupiter’s mass, volume, surface area and mean circumference are 1.8981 x 1027 kg, 1.43128 x 1015 km3, 6.1419 x 1010 km2, and 4.39264 x 105 km respectively. Jupiter diameter is roughly 11 times that of Earth, and 2.5 the mass of all the other planets in the Solar System combined.

Jupiter was able to grow to its current size, likely due to its location in the solar system. Shortly after the Sun formed, its energy pushed lighter elements towards the outer solar system. These lighter elements could not stay in the inner solar system and were instead pushed away by the Sun’s energy. Since there is a far higher amount of hydrogen and helium than any other element, they existed in large amounts in the outer solar system, allowing the outer gas giants to grow to immense sizes. This made the Jupiter biggest planet of solar system.

Jupiter is also known as the winter planet. Its average temperature is very low. (-148 D C)

Ganymede, a satellite of Jupiter i.e. biggest planet of solar system, is the largest satellite in the Solar System.

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