Rajasthani and Pahari schools of art forms are famous for

(1) Music
(2) Dance
(3) Sculpture
(4) Painting

Correct Answer : (4) Rajasthani and Pahari schools of art forms are famous for Painting.

Explanation :

The Pahari schools of painting flourished in Basohli, Jammu, Garhwal, Chamba, Kangra, Guler and Mandi in the hilly areas in the northwest.

The subject matter of Pahari paintings is depiction of figures and nature is presented as set for human feelings and changes of mood. While the subject matter of Rajasthani miniature paintings were presentation of architecture , figures and nature.

Rajasthani School of painting is marked by bold drawing vibrant colours. Its main centres are Mewar, Marwar, Kishangarh, Bundi, Jaipur etc. They use bright colours like red and yellow. Feminine beauty, natural beauty, themes drawn from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavata Geeta are beautifully depicted in their paintings.

Pahari School of painting developed in the foothill of Punjab, Garhwal and Jammu. This school is famous for beautiful flowing lines and brilliant colours. The theme of court paintings revolves around the literary, mythical and secular themes.

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