The capital of Pakistan till 1959 was ?

(1) Islamabad
(2) Karachi
(3) Lahore
(4) Hyderabad

Correct Answer : (2) The capital of Pakistan till 1959 was Karachi.

Explanation :

Karachi was and still is the largest city and economic capital of Pakistan. By the time of independence of Pakistan in 1947, Karachi was chosen as the capital of Pakistan.

Karachi remained the capital of Pakistan till 1959 until 1959, when the military president, Ayub Khan, decided to build a new capital, Islamabad in the north of Pakistan, near the general headquarters of the Pakistani Armed Forces which is in Rawalpindi.

In 1959, the capital of Pakistan was moved from Karachi to Rawalpindi and then in 1967, its was moved to the newly built Islamabad.

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