Which is a famous Assamese festival ?

(1) Makar Sakranti
(2) Yugadi
(3) Onam
(4) Rongali Bihu

Correct Answer : (4) Rongali Bihu is the famous Assamese festival.

Explanation :

Bihu is the most important Assamese festival. It is celebrated with joy and abundance by all Assamese people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith and belief.

Three Bihus are celebrated in a year: Bohag Bihu (Baisakh, the middle of April) which augurs the wish for a good harvest because this is the time when farmers start sowing, Kaati Bihu (Kartik, the middle of October) which is observed to mark the cutting and binding of grains and Magh Bihu (the middle of January) which marks the season of harvesting of grains.

The most important and colourful of the three Bihu festival is the Spring festival “Bohag Bihu” or Rongali Bihu celebrated in the middle of April. This is also the beginning of the agricultural season.

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