Zend-Avesta is the sacred book of the ?

(1) Parsees
(2) Jains
(3) Jews
(4) Buddhists

Correct Answer : (1) Zend-Avesta is the sacred book of the Parsis (Zoroastrianism).

Explanation :

Avesta, also called Zend-avesta, sacred book of Parsis (Zoroastrianism) containing its cosmogony, law, and liturgy, the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster (Zarathushtra).

The Zend-avesta is the primary collection of sacred texts of Zoroastrianism, and is composed in the Avestan language.

A fire temple in Zoroastrianism is the place of worship for Zoroastrians, usually called Dar-e-Mehr (Persian) or Agiyari (Gujarati). In the Zoroastrian religion, fire, together with clean water, are agents of ritual purity.

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