Which is the strongest force in nature ?

The strongest force in nature is the strong nuclear force.

It is also known as strong nuclear interaction and is the strongest compared to the other forces that exist in nature.

In nature, there are four universal or fundamental forces. These forces are:

  • Electromagnetic force.
  • Strong nuclear force. (strongest force of Nature)
  • Weak nuclear force.
  • Gravitational force. (Weakest force)

Without these forces, all matter in the world will fall apart. Any pull or push that causes an object to change its physical state is referred to as force.

Strong nuclear force is the strongest force in nature. However, it is very short-ranged force and dominate only at the level of subatomic particles.
The strongest force in nature is the Strong Nuclear Force

Important Facts about Strong nuclear force (strongest force in nature) :-

  • Among the four fundamental forces, nuclear forces are the strongest attractive forces in nature. We know that the matter is held together due to electromagnetic forces.
  • Then the question that arose was, how the nucleus was held in the atom, initially, there was no explanation on how the nucleus is held together in the atom.
  • This led to identifying the nuclear forces. Strong nuclear forces are responsible for holding the nuclei of atoms together. Same charged protons attract each other due to Nuclear force.
  • The strong nuclear forces are the dominant force in reactions and it is so strong that it binds protons with like charges to the nucleus. Being strongest force in nature, it is most attractive in nature but can be repulsive sometimes. The nuclear forces have a range of 1fm.

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