Why are all of the planets round ?

Do you know that all the planets in universe are generally round? Our Sun and all eight planets of the solar system are also spherical.

But, why are all of the planets round ?

All of the planets are round because of gravity. When a plant begins to form, gravity gathered billions of pieces of gas and dust into clumps which grew larger and larger to become the planets. The force of the collision of these pieces and internal heating from radioactive elements caused the newly forming planets to become hot and behaves like a fluid.

Since, the each particle of fluid pulls all other particles due to force of gravity; the only way to get all the mass as close to planet’s center of gravity as possible is to form a sphere (round). Thus almost all the big planets are round in shape. The technical name for this process is “isostatic adjustment.” Hence, we can say why are all of the planets round.

Why are all of the planets round ? The gravitational force of a planet’s mass pulls all of its material toward the center and makes it round.
Why are all of the planets round ? Image Credit : Andrea Danti/Fotolia

But, why all of the planets are not perfectly round ?

Later, when the planets cooled, they stayed spherical. However, planets are not perfectly spherical because they also spin. The spinning force acts against gravity and causes many planets to bulge out more around their equators. So, this is why are all of the planets round perfectly.

Further, why all of the objects of Solar System are not round ?

However, many of the smaller bodies of the solar system are not round because their gravity is not enough to smooth out their shape. Rather they maintain irregular, fragmentary shapes.

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